Friday, 13 July 2012

Shed Envy

So as to the previous post we are in Scotland, Inverness and it is the beginning of this week.

We dropped by my cousin and his family who amazingly looked after us for the day and the following breakfast before we traveled West and they too traveled for their holidays to the Orkney's with more family who also joined us for the day and breakfast, got it!

Sat in the garden and before you know it feels like I've had more fresh air than six months down south and despite the drizzle on my glasses I am in no rush to go inside in fact the BBQ's are lit for dinner and it all feels rather out doorsey.

The girls sleep through the whole lot but I eat the greatest venison burger and pasta salad ever and don't give them a second thought, I even manage to hang with teenagers and I don't think I make a complete fool of myself.

Then some one clever suggests a tour of the shed.
I thought you'd never ask!
G and I are up like a shot because we love a workshop.

It is a shed but where I live it's the size of a garage. It was built in the 1960's and is a timber construction and it's lovely.

I didn't photograph the outside more the contents so this is more shed style and storage than dimension and practicality.
Basically when I was looking round I was thinking if FMH and I had a shed this is what it would be like so from a girls point of view here we go.

Organised wood storage and keep your helmets together
Boots so well taken care of
Lovely old cupboard, probably keep my hessian sacks or cheese in it or my Joules garden kneeler.
Attention to detail look at those hooks.
Skiing and sports can you see the family sledge?
Just in case you didn't see the hooks properly.
I think the blue bucket might be hand made too, I want one in black.
Brooms for all occasions what could make one happier

and if that is not enough there are a couple of these outside.

The neatness and organisation takes your breath away.
I buy magazines with tempting images of everything I've seen here.

G and what looks like a fake mini hand, and two of my cousins.

On the car ride out, G talks about how it's time we seriously think about getting a shed, but I am not sure if we can achieve the same thing in a coal hole our only un tapped space.

We also talk about the differences in where we live. We have a couple of scooters in our hall and our outdoor gear stretches to a pair of Uggs and some rain macs.
I made a New Years resolution to make a list of 10 places to get out of town quickly that were diverse, claming and not predictable but I am struggling to finish it and I know that we are in the city but it shouldn't be that difficult and now that the summer holidays are here for T that list would be really handy.

As I type I am looking for a pen to write a list and plan and water for a paracetamol.


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