Friday, 13 July 2012

Highland Adventure

On Sunday we went to Scotland!

One of the parents at sports day asked me if I had plans for the summer holiday, I said we were off to Scotland, they asked about the proper holiday after this one?
Like Barbados? I replied


Nope, Scotland is it!

Do I give off an Barbadian air?
I hardly think so, I am a wreck at the school gate.

We had an early flight on Sunday and had to be on the road for 04:30 and would be arriving on the East coast after 8am.

The girls had strict instructions that once we landed they were to play, enjoy themselves and just let loose.
Bad instructions.
This meant that everything they had learned about behavior until this date went out the window. They weren't terrible but they weren't easy either.

I have family in the Highlands.
My dads bother lives on the West Coast and he has four children who are my cousins, who are a little bit older and have families themselves and are on the East coast.

The last time I visited was nearly 6 years ago when I was newly preg with T and managed to see half of them and promised to return soon. But then I had two children and found it really difficult to do anything other than send the occassional letter and Christmas card.

Now my girls are older I can see holes in my schedule where T&P are self sufficient and plan to fill them with keeping the link strong and not just doing the housekeeping.

They are my only family both Mum and I are only children and I feel like I have a bit missing and that is just the way it is.

So for the next few posts it's going to be Scotland all they way and you can see how much better it was than a Barbados holiday.


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