Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Head Hurts

I've had a headache all day it must be catching.
Oh no! it's from yelling at the girls!!

T finished school this week and although this has been her reception year she has tackled it as though she was studying for a PHD and really could have done with finishing last week as she has literally been hanging by a thread.
Tuesday she managed to be hit in the nose with a tennis racket whilst riding a bike in the playground and on Thursday she was hit in the face with a football.
It happened shortly before pick up time and although she didn't loose consciousness when I arrived at the class room she was white as a sheet with her head in a bucket.

It was suggested that we sit out side for a moment and get some air where she promptly fell asleep on my shoulder. No vomit and I carried her all the way home where she cooled off and perked up.

There was a fever too so I think that she is a bit viral

Decided against the hospital as she kept her cornflake dinner down and perked up watching a dvd but that didn't stop me calling them at midnight when she woke with a temp and screaming of brain ache.

Kept her off the following morning with a view to her sleeping it off. She had other ideas a ran round like a loon. We took a walk to give out cards at school and when we got back she finally napped.

It was when she woke up at dinner that we finally went to A&E children's casualty.
You know what, I'm glad I did.

I used to be an assistant there and left 5 years ago but these people are so nice to me. T got the works and that was in triage. A full wok up and re hydration drinks, in a syringe. Fairly normal you'd think but it didn't stop there, they got her a pillow so she could lie down in the waiting room.
No one else got that!

I thought we were in for a long wait when this baby came in by ambo, his brother had taken his finger off whilst riding a trike but again no, straight through.
T was really not able to talk to anyone but this Fellow from Greece had her walking like a penguin and pointing at pens and noses etc and before to long she was back to her old self.

Anyway, she is fine. Nothing wrong with the head put probably a bit of something else viral that I can keep an eye on.
The problem was that I was in symptom over load and I couldn't see the wood for the trees.
In fact as she perked up with the Dr. there were tears rolling down my cheeks because it just takes so much to look after them when they are poorly.
You are really feeling in the dark and that comes from a mother who worked in the children's NHS for five years made some really amazing friends who are only to happy to help out. Thank god I didn't stay in retail and then have kids.


Some pictures

I saw these and loved them but the sizing was OFF, but I thought they were lovely.

The raspberry's in the garden are now ripe for picking P and I got these earlier in the week.

I must paint the wall

It's not a bad crop for a first visit. If we had a working oven I would have baked a Victoria sponge and made a raspberry filling.
Instead Penny washed them in the play sand tray which is instead filled with summer rain and we left them for the snails.

Do you ever think how much washing you do?

This is clean washing and stuff around the house, actually just down stairs from one day.

I think I might be getting tired of it and can see a time on the horizon where I just think stuff it, it can stay where it is for a whole year.

We are off to Scotland and we are checking a bag into the hold and it weighs in at 19 kilos. We also have two Trunki's filled with the girls clothes so easily 22 kilos for five days and if I'm honest half of it is panic packing and I know we are by no means over packed because history shows I don't travel like that.

SURELY we don't combined wear that weight in clothes per week. Is that really what I wash and clear away weekly?

So, I am away to have a good time, to rest and play with the girls and catch up with my family.
I am fine with leaving the house for less than a week
Finding the excitement not the fear

Have a good week


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