Monday, 16 July 2012

On the way back East

We went for a meal at the Ben Nevis Inn.

This is G's and what fascinated me is the potato. Do they mash into a brick or do they take a large potato cut it and then roast it. Have I been away from the dinner scene and not noticed a foodie trend.
It was a waxy spud, does that have anything to do with it?

See that path disappearing off behind the wall, let alone the mist rolling in, well if you are coming down that path you will probably be coming inside the Ben Nevis Inn.
There is a huge window at one end and you can watch the walkers and runners coming in.
Oh! here comes another one!

The girls had had their 'talk' earlier and were on good form, I had hoped that they would be knackered by this point but no, chatty as ever.

I asked the waitress what they had for children to eat and I ordered chips and fish bites. Now if that order was down south the fish would be some mushed god awful crap.
Pieces of fish in batter about the size of a child's palm and the nicest crispest taste with fish so well cooked. I went veggie but should have ordered the same.

By Wednesday it was time to say our good byes and I had to fight back the tears which I never do so well and pretty much lost it driving up the drive.

Such an emotional twit!

We drove back east to the Black Isle which is just above Inverness to see another cousin and her family. We were to be there for the night before flying home the following lunch time.

For a place that looks so remote the house wasn't that difficult to find. When we got out of the hire car, I am not joking there was no sound it was like it had been hoovered up.

So silent, nothing, can you imagine what it is like to wake up to that when you live in a city or busy town. Amazing.
If you need to de stress you should try it.

We went Olympic today.
The torch!


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