Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So our final whistle stop before the journey home.
There was enough time for my girls to whisked away by the older girls and to blow bubbles, GIANT bubbles at the front watch some movies and eat an lovely hearty meal.

Long enough to catch up and talk about the family and the journey and be amazed at how much the older ones have grown.
And just enough time for G to get drunk enough to walk a pig dog and a wolf up the lane at 2 in the morning.

When I get a working oven I will de bone a chicken and roll stuffing inside and roast it.


On the way to the bakery to get short bread that actually crumbled due to bad packing but still managed to be eaten and put into puddings.
How super cool are these bikes.

Breath taking beach.
There are a few of the smaller stones in our pockets.


This is the dog that snorts a little. The older girls tell me that she doesn't photograph well from any angle, I wouldn't know because she doesn't stand still long enough to be photographed from any angle. Her name is Dusky, is that spelt right and she is BEAUTIFUL and she has such a lovely face.
The girl can move quickly.

At breakfast the girls sat on the table because as much as T loves anything with a pulse wearing a fur coat these four leggers moved a little quick for her. It was almost too much and it was just better to put them up here until the excitement was over.

This is the wolf.
T's eye were wide at this tale.
It's a bit true.

Her name is Kuner, I will have spelt the incorrectly I am sure.
She looks quiet small but I assure you when she stands up she is the size of a horse.

Before too long it was time to say our goodbyes and make our way back.
I feel as though I have re introduced me and my little family to this larger group of relatives and now it is time to make sure that we continue to be in contact.
I love G's family and they are very supportive but this is my family, there are a few more sprinkled around. I just want T & P to know that on my side there is a very health and loving line.

My mum came today and gave the girls some summer holiday colouring work books. T's front page had this in it to complete.

 This was taken on the first Monday that we were away

Job Done!

Journey home was interesting. P fell asleep in the terminal and it was like carrying a sack of spuds on the jet. G had a hangover and I don't know how he made it home.
I was pleased to drive my own car but it felt like I was steering a dodgem.
And depspite the long day it was still past 9pm before everyone fell asleep

Happy holidays and my tooth is fixed


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