Friday, 8 June 2012

A Wedding on a Wednesday

G Wight and E White got married.

He is fondly referred to as Monkey in our house by T. He is a quite furry but more than that he is Gorilla Alpha Male.

Also on this Wednesday Venus aligned between the earth and the sun not that G saw it as it was cloudy.
The rest of the day was rainy drizzle but that didn't take the shine off two people we really love getting hitched.

I bought T a proper dress and she's has tried it on everyday since I bought it. On the morning of the wedding she had it on at 6am asking if we could leave now?
Before T started school she would always wear a vest, where ever we went and if she had a T shirt on then at some point she would ditch that in favour for the vest underneath. 
For some reason the vest came out again, really? yes she said just incase.

P's blue and white number is mine and I wore it when I was three.

P drank about a pint of orange juice and did manage to poop through the eye of a needle mid afternoon. There was a karaoke machine in a side room and T sung S Club &'s Reach without need to refer to the lyrics, G just shook his head in disbelieve because she learned that at the school where we pay for her to attend.

I'm buying them both microphones for Christmas but have yet to decide whether or not to introduce them to pop music as they were a bit out of their depth when it came to singing options. Luckily all that Mamma Mia that they have watched helped them out.

Me and the girls took a taxi home and were in bed for 9pm.
G helped the Gorilla in to bed about 11:30 before coming home.


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