Sunday, 17 June 2012

Brighton Wheel on Fathers Day

So I had planned for Fathers Day and prepped last week. Following a conversation from my oldest friend a hundred years ago she mentioned that mothers and fathers day is really to do with the children and with that I keep the budget to the minds eye of a five and two year old.

G had made me a great breakfast so I returned the favour

T played waitress and P just played.
There were gifts too. A space jigsaw, bucket of sugary sweets, Toblerone and two custom T Shirt from the girls with various hand prints, planets, stars and space stuff drawn all over them.
Plus the smallest kite in the world from me.

To be honest I think G was expecting a relaxing morning/breakfast but I had a schedule and it was running a good half hour behind to he had to wolf down the meal and get onto the gifts as we needed to be out the door for 09:45.
But I was only serving breakfast by then and we all needed showers.

I had bought tickets for the BRIGHTON WHEEL.
I had even checked to see how much the parking meter was so we could park and then I could make our way to a party that T had been invited to.
We made it out the door  after 10 and I thought with enough time to fit it all in.


London to Brighton or some other cycle ride meant that time ran away even more.

Now I have been on the London Eye and that was fine.
I have also been on a wheel in the Tuileries which was not fine in any shape or form.

Mrs B in Madrid I think plays the game what is the least amount of money would you take to travel on the London eye unharnessed on the outside?

This wheel looks graceful traveling round when you drive past it, when you stand under it, it packs a mean pace so when I bought the ticket I was having doubts as to whether I would enjoy the experience.

I didn't. I closed my eyes when traveling up to the top and didn't open them again until we were coming down and looking at the spokes turning made me feel really queasy.

Never the less the views are amazing if you can look out the window long enough. I thought I might press the button that is there for you if you are not doing so well and they let you off at the next rotation but G firmly let me know I wasn't pressing it.

We went round 4 times and it's quite fast.

The London Eye is elegant like a Manhattan Hotel this is more like a Travel Lodge. If you weren't keen on this fair ground ride as a teenager it's likely you'll feel nervous on the Brighton Wheel because when it's capsule is swinging around it feels like the next step up

If you can relax when the capsule is stationary at the top then it's a great and a really excellent
Fathers Day Treat.

The girls loved it but maybe that is because they are too young to be terrified like their mother!

Peppermint tea and off to bed

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