Thursday, 7 June 2012

Jubilee Tuesday

I think I had planned to watch Diamond Jubilee TV on Tuesday morning but I can't think what happened but it probably involved washing and tidying up.

Actually it did. We all made an effort to clear rooms and sort toys.

The camping stuff is still out.

So the whole country, except those that had to work and those who don't like the royals took the day off to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II, 60 years on the throne.

I really like her.
I think she illuminates but not in these pics from Google images, they are awful quality but they're images of her that I'm fond of.

In the afternoon we were invited to a street party!

So super cool despite the rain falling down and hardly stopping.

So this is what happens, you apply to your council to close the road, everyone parks somewhere else and decorates their houses beautifully.
Just like that!

Then just as in those old glorious photos, tables are brought together, sausages and sandwiches are served, children run around and community happens.

This photo makes me happy because we are sold the Cath Kidston and Jamie Oliver images, Waitrose is the most guilty of a British day dream and actually it is raining so hard that if the tables were cleared of anything the rest would blow away!

It was the best afternoon ever!


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