Thursday, 7 June 2012

Monday - Half Term

Whilst this one sleeps

Love the print on this smock - It's by LEGO. Printed Lego one day?

the other one plays

Bought this at a car boot a few years ago. The idea is to spin the disc and remove the colours without knocking the man off the top.

Some games are better played when little P's crushing hands and feet are at rest.

We have a friend who's daughter is is off to the Prom in emerald green silk that has been cut in a 50's pattern and needs a bag to match.

So mother and daughter came over to look at some handbags and a possible shoes option that meant I got the 'suitcase of clothes that will never fit me again but I refuse to throw away" out.

While the T slept for the night it was P's turn to play.

A lovely evening of chatter and when they had left and it was really late P and I stayed up even later and watched the fireworks go off over Buckingham Palace following the Jubilee concert that must have been amazing if you were there but appalling if at home.

So tired.

T had been given some Jubilee gifts at the end of half term from the school

She tells me that the coin must never be spent and the mug you can actually drink from.
If the weather was so be fine on the Jubilee she had picked her red white and blue outfit along with pearls.


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