Monday, 4 June 2012

First Sunday of Half Term

After the girls went to bed on Saturday night I wrapped a dress up for them as a surprise for working so well at school and preschool thought it would be nice for them in the morning.

I was so tired I didn't hear Gareth come in from the stag do and despite the full Saturday the girls had they were up and unwrapping their present at 06:22.

They agreed to go back to bed as it was so early but only managed till 06:52 when the three of us and the dresses headed down for breakfast.

Despite my plans to restrict the TV this week in favour of play by 07:20 they were both watching a DVD.

By 09:00 they are killing each other whilst playing Dr's by 09:15 they are back together playing model village and trains and eating toast.

I make some tea and toast for G's hangover, take a shower and hope to get to town for 11.
I really don't want to go but we have a wedding on Wednesday afternoon and are missing bits to wear.

Also the fridge is bare despite me shopping on Wednesday so I can't not go.

Did I mention I locked the keys in the car on Wednesday and spent 2 hours in the supermarket car park waiting for recovery.
Despite my size I am thin enough to fit through the back window.

I was home from shopping by 1:30

I love the reptile dress because they have not skimped on the cut but don't want to wear just a black cardigan with it but at the same time I don't it to look to boho or eveningy.
I bought lots with an idea to returning everything that wasn't appropriate and it was all sourced online before heading into town.

I took these just now they are a bit shaky

£20 on a pashmina that is so nice I want to keep it as a staple for this dress but I could do with the 20 more.
If I wrap it round the shoulders and tie it at the back I fear there might be problems lifting a fork into my mouth.

Clash of pattern? I figured snakes live in tropical trees in Disney movies so it might work?
But it is nylon which means it's going to be slipping down however I tie it.
Not loving that image all through the event.

All out tribal? The bag looks really cheap but my dear friend FMH always says when arranging things odd numbers are better and if you are going to have two patterns then surely three is better?


I've entered the world of St. Tropez tan products.
After scanning the isles I thought there must be a reason it's expensive and everyone raves about it so bought a tube of wash off cream as the two remaining bottles of mouse had been tampered with.
I just wanted to even my skin tone a bit after catching the sun at camping. 

What a colour, it looks like you are rubbing in MECONIUM.
Not sure why I bought it as I'll be covered from head to toe in print but if I go for the pashmina will it have St. Tropez shit marks all over it?

I buy two outfits for T and returned one within half an hour of buying it because it wasn't dressy enough for a wedding.
Both girls have flower pins to wear and that should keep them occupied during the service if I pin them on just before we go in.

P was asleep when I got back and T was painting in the kitchen.

As the day goes on P is calling herself Dr. Penny

I clear the kitchen of paint and crockery, bring the washing in, make dinner but not for me as I feel crampy and stuffed.
Ready for a new oven.
Bored of just cooking on the hob.

Hoover the lounge and when the girls are ready for bed I take them up and fall asleep with P

By the time I crawl into my own bed and still look at the camping gear to be stowed I can't sleep
I wake up in the morning and think that it is Tuesday.


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