Saturday, 2 June 2012

First Saturday of Summer Half Term

T is exhausted she keeps saying she is tired, she looks it. She has worked her socks off this term.
To organise the holiday in advance I thought that we would stay close to home, relax, eat well play and get lots of rest.

Maybe fit in a wedding mid week and potty train P, long overdue, but I have carpet now and I can't face it.

The girls stayed up a little late to watch a film and were briefed and ready to start chilling from this morning.

Nope they were on FIRE
and I didn't get the lie in I was hoping for, lets say P came and woke me up at 08:30 followed by T who said that daddy was resting his eyes when I enquired grumpily, is daddy asleep on the sofa?

The antibiotics for the bite are making me queasy and I needed the break.

So the leisurely day went like this.

Clear the table and get some games out for the girls who didn't really play but made up activities for the pirate and the knight.
I tidied some things away.

 Soon as they were done they wanted to get the make and do stuff out.

They still don't really have anything to show at the end of this process.
G went off to do a favour for his mum and I made us lunch, pancakes which the girls finally ate with some other bits and pieces cobbled together.

That's a cup of flour, cup of milk and an egg. Thanks Jamie Oliver.

You can grate in and apple or pear but I didn't get that far.

Recipe says use dabs of butter but I find that it burns so I used ground nut oil to cook them, a couple of minutes on each side I got about 12 cakes.

Then there was the washing up followed by a cup of tea followed by me finally getting in the shower.
Whilst T did this

Notice that the camping stuff is still out because this time I refuse to pack it away until every bit has made its way up to the loft hatch or I have bits hanging around until the next time.
I changed our bed linen and the girls linen too and got them both line dried by five.
T and I do some clearing away in her bedroom.

More games followed by P telling me repeatedly that she felt tired.
Not F surprised she woke up around 5am and then just napped

G is on a STAG from late afternoon so I decide to make dinner early so that I don't have to deal with that pressure later. I've taken sausages out the freezer and sometime this morning I decided it was going to be a hot pot of sort so do that.

I wander round to the shops to buy crusty bread with the girls. We also buy apple juice and chocolate mini rolls that they can have when they have eaten everything.

I make G a small sandwich because he is not used to eating at a reasonable hour and I think it will help him out, I keep and eye on the hot pot pan as I always boil it dry, wash up and he is gone by 4:30

P falls asleep on the sofa, T plays with lego, a 3D book and a 100 or so tiny animals, I call my mum and watch Singin' in the Rain with T, who remembers seeing this before and asks me twenty questions about Gene Kelly getting wet and why does the policeman take the umbrella.
There are more questions over dinner.
I hoped that she would just get lost in the dancing and the costumes but she is her fathers child.

I serve up dinner early at 5 thinking I can hurry up the witching hour and wake up P by tempting her with apple juice. Both struggle with the hot pot, there is no way they are eating a serving of potato but still make a good effort.
I give them organic yogurt first and follow with a mini roll which is so sickly that neither of them finish it!!

I think at this point we are going upstairs to get pj's on and quickly make up the beds but they run to the sofa and refuse to move because they are watching Ratatouille (?) on TV.
I wash up, feed the cat, make up the beds.

Then it's brush teeth and into pj's they bring books downstairs read for a while.
Then finally well before 8 it is bed, P is the last one to drop as is out just before 9.

It is raining outside.

Don't think that all the tidying got put away. It was moved upstairs still to be dealt with.

You see every morning P come is to us with 3 random objects she has collected on the way, end of the week, 21 things just in our room.
T probably also does this for half of the week. Then they go down to breakfast probably carrying something completely different.
Then there is the stuff that actually gets played with, letters that get opened, shoes removed, jackets, jumpers, pj's, books. All over the house.
This picture is the stuff collected from the living and kitchen areas since Thursday.

I am not only a mother, I am an Admiral in logistics.

Now it's 10pm
I am going to a new bed to eat an orange and drink a pint of water
Then we start all over tomorrow


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