Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Swanbourne Lake - Follow That Path

Bank Holiday Monday we went for a walk with a fabulous family that I am sure I have mentioned before. They invited us in the morning to go for a walk and take a picnic lunch.

It was grey out there and the rain came but it didn't matter, off to Arundel we went.

This was the first day that I managed to get it right clothing wise - for the girls.
I feel that I never get it right in any weather condition.
Vests, T Shirt, long sleeve top, long sleeve fleece, water proof jacket and gloves and hats to go under hoods.
I paid close attention to what a small Pocahontas was wearing in Saturdays parade and I had asked her mother for a clothing breakdown. I even packed two body warmers that came in handy for another little one also out walking.
I am really proud of myself they still got wet and their clothes were filthy but I managed to keep them really warm which I am sure is a first time or maybe they were just having too much fun to moan.

Swanbourne Lake - really leafy and lots to look at and free parking opposite lets hope that pesky National Trust doesn't get involved or you can kiss goodbye to that one.

In no particular order

This is my favorite pic of P to date - apart from all the other favorites
It's like Clarice Starling country
There is another little one somewhere
Are these heart shaped leaves?
North side of the lake
Some people decorated the hide
Vibrant greens and chocolate browns
The other little one is still somewhere
I've washed all the clothes still to do the boots - mud doesn't come out easily
South Side - I will have some friends who will be surprised I didn't drive round

Best bit of the walk was seeing the girls climb the tree roots and not finding a suitable picnic table for lunch but just sitting on the edge of the path and handing out sandwiches.

It's not a long walk but it took over two hours to get round with all climbing and mud jumping. I don't know how my bladder held out.

There is a coffee shop and the kids got ice cream G included, the other adults got teas and coffee in those terrible polystyrene cups which I've not seen in a while.
National Trust would probably replace those with smarter cardboard versions at the same time they installed parking meters.

It's 20 pence to use the facilities.

A Brilliant Monday

P starts preschool tomorrow. I wonder if asking them to teach her to use the break on her scooter as well as teaching her that jumping on the sofas is inappropriate would be too much to ask?

Desperate for the sunshine even though I may struggle in the clothing department


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  1. Donna and me "boated" round that lake many many moons ago! x