Saturday, 5 May 2012

Children's Parade

Over five years ago I joined my friend Pol to see her young nephew in the children's parade. It then turned out with him and her sister we walked in the parade until I bailed out with late morning sickness and grabbed the first taxi home!

Anyway it was so fantastic I couldn't wait to see it again with G and looked forward to the day when my own wonderful children would be able to partake in the Hullabaloo.

Well I never made it back as plans were always made and one year I think I didn't pay attention to it being on.

So in no particular order.

They should have a moving rope line with each group to avoid the snatching of children
That's a Clanger on top of that ball and look at the crowds

T's school didn't partake maybe their year is so tightly booked that they would have to release more holiday time to build the characters and costumes. I was a bit sad watching it go round because it would have been great for her but safety wise I think I would need Valium to let her go without me.

It was great despite the cold wet weather but I need to make a list near the door to remind me to take simple things such as gloves and I would like to buy some sheep skin soles to line wellie boots.

We went for a late brunch somewhere fancy but reasonably priced with no children before making our way home.

Whilst we were standing watching the parade some lady gave me a balloon sword, I thought it was a gift and asked her if we would have two more. £3! is what she said in return!!

It's been a jigsaw day today but the girls would rather run round and I think that everyone is getting tired, including me.

Have a great weekend


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