Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dr. Martens

Sometimes when I want to get away from it in my own brain and shut down I close my eyes and remember times at home when it was just me and mum.
I remember sounds like the gas fire, the oven going on a Sunday, windy weather outside, the house silent with the Christmas Tree up or just walking around from room to room feeling the wallpapers and the carpet that was down. It was a quiet, safe, warm home.

It's a comfort thing. Usually I pick age fourteen just as life is tilting or that first year of Art School at sixteen.

I try and focus so hard on a memory.

For instance

I had a pale grey parka "ish" coat. The fabric was like stiff ticket paper turned so soft from mum washing it and it was always line dried so it smelled a particular way. I think it was filled with a feather weave, if there is such a thing and it crumpled when I wore it. It had elasticated wrists and a hood and I had taken the drawstring out of the waist so that it hung straight.
I remember where it was in the house and I remember how it felt in the cold outside.

Have you ever tried that?

The other day I got my group email from Liberty and they are selling Liberty print Dr. Martens

I have owned three pairs over the years, none were worn after Art College my new gay London friends would have sent me packing had that been the case.

But in school age fourteen or so I had a black pair of men's shoes that I wore with the ever so fashionable thick black tights, navy pencil skirt, dads old white shirts and African straw basket to carry stuff and I wore that look for a while.
I looked at these and thought could I do that again?

Definitely not the boots, the bag is lovely and very now but lets admit it, bloody uncomfortable.
I have an original brown one that goes on the shoulders and it's not slouchy.

I do like the shoes, practical as you can't wear a heel round here because it is so hilly, I find black tights uncomfortable these days and I don't have the most slender of leg and I might look more like an oak dinner table in shoes.

The pattern is kinda bright and maybe the price is putting me off. Maybe I will shelve the idea and visit the look again in the Autumn.

Any how if you haven't visited the site in a while. It's really worth it.

I take my mind back to the first time, with mum I went through that revolving door..... into the scarf department and looked up at the ceiling.
Maybe it was raining outside!!

Have a great week

Just checked out the DM's website

Are you kidding.
Didn't pay that in the 90's
I remember leaving them in the garden as I left for London. They are probably still there. If they are so well constructed they should be fine if I dig them out.



  1. I'm really loving that bag!

    Never really did the DM thing myself but did love a pair of wallaby shoes - remember those? I had purple ones, bright blue ones, pale pink (all suede) and then had some brown leather ones later on... Loved 'em!

  2. And the boots are still in the garden (actually near the back door where you left them) waiting to be filled with geraniums and I wonder if the coat is still upstairs in Narnia - happy memories especially of those enormous Christmas trees that had to be carried home. They don't make them like that anymore. loveandall MA