Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Furniture Sale

So my mum shops the auction, a little too much I sometimes think but it's good that she goes because I always check the catalogue and she can wave the paddle for me as it isn't anywhere convenient for me to attend.

Today these beauties were on offer.

Mum was watching three items for me but when I visited her this week I popped in to see what was for sale as they don't photograph everything.

This was in the last sale and showed no interest and I couldn't understand why. Such a cute little cabinet in the photo. Turns out it's not that little it's a beast.

Fan of the small doll and I really like the blonde doll in the red dress top right hand corner. I think these will be expensive as they were under glass.

I liked this but it came in a Lot of other stuff that was just awful.

I have always fancied a pair of these dogs but I am more of a terrier person and these are yappers and I don't have a mantle so where would they go. The one in the front looks worried.

Shelves that would be great in the girls room, 8ft wide and I was up for paying £40 for them. They were so badly made they weren't worth the £50 they went for or the £50 that they would have cost to deliver them.

My friend FMH and I love a stool and I thought that this would be nice to put your tea on to my budget was £30. It's a cricket stool and it went for £600
YES £600! 

I loved this and fancied it for a carpet in our tent. At the moment I use a thick wool blanket under foot. My bid was £50 but it was still going at strong at £160 when my mum's bladder gave out and she had to go home.

Nice print for a pig, ugly face though.

What a scary trinket box

I need new dinnerware, I missed out on a Midwinter service that went for £30 last year complete with teapots and it haunts me. None of the ones today were very nice. 

I am having some pain in the ankle and I seriously looked at this for further down the aging process but you had to have about twenty others as well.
I suppose I could have given them to friends as they were needed.

Actually looking back at it in pictures most of it is rubbish and not worth the dust it would have collected had I got it home.

Great day in the park with the girls today I think that the sun might be out for a while.
And P starts preschool next week!

xx CM

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