Saturday, 12 May 2012

Dr. Parker Has Tiny Feet

But that is not stopping her from walking from Richmond Park to Brighton Racecourse in 24 hours.
That's a whopping 66 plus miles/100K challenge for Breast Cancer.

I can't stop thinking about her, she is out there as I type, I don't know if to picture her on the M23 or scrabbling over the Downs.

These are her tiny feet on her Wedding Day.
And for those of you with a keen eye for detail yes that is a beaded hem that her mother did sew,
by hand!

Today I bought a  Spirograph at the car boot £2!
T was eager to give it a try.

There were loads of old felt tips and paper in the box and she was a bit unhappy that I threw them away and I told her that a Biro would work much better.

Ages ago I saw one of those sensible pens that you push down the trigger and you could choose either red, blue, green or black ink, except this one was pretty and has yellow, pink, purple and green etc.
I think I bought it for when she starts her next year of school but I remembered where it was and got it for her.

G showed her a good technique for working the coggs and away she went she loves it.
We have coloured paper spiro flowers everywhere.

She has chosen to keep the pen safely in the box so I will find another one for her pencil case next year.

My daughter is a bit of a nerd and I am hoping that her interest for learning makes her a brain too just like the amazing Dr. Parker who also used one of those clicking pens when she was at school.

Good luck Gaby
I hope the sun rises bright for you in the morning.


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