Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Officially the WORST Parenting Day So Far

In the last five years I can count on two hands really bad days most of those have been big lesson learners.
Today had to be the worst day of them all.

If you don't care for kids don't bother to read on, if you want to read my ramble be warned, no spell check, gonna type as I think so bound to be incoherent and will F bomb loads.

Here goes.

They start at around 6am.
T goes to bed early and is up early and P for half the week naps for 3 hours in the afternoon and there is NO stopping her. The consequences are a late bed time and even if you get her into bed by lets say 7:30 as was this eve that doesn't mean she will sleep till 9:30 and sometimes 11 during this time she is  a running chatter until she conks out and then she is like a student in the morning. It is only a matter of time before she chooses coffee and a cigarette over porridge.

The other day I said to T that I never get anything done in the evenings anymore like making/sewing etc because their bed time routine is Fuuuuuuuiuujpaw;klg.l,,,,,,,,  not all their fault they have been ill of late which we all know throws a massive curve ball to a routine.
It just feels like it's been going on forever.

The plan today was to do the online food shop and then head to Next and M&S for plimsolls and tights etc for both of them then home to finish painting T's cardboard house that she started yesterday.

At no point today were the girls really naughty the problem is they don't fFUFUASUO:GIh akl'sjgh shut up. That sounds awful but it's torture
A friend text me yesterday asking about having two and how it must be hard work?
it's hard work but I am lucky to stay home and the housework would need doing anyway but the two of them are fasdjhg'poiahsg ;o relentless from the minute they open their eyes.

Monday I had a bit of a tummy thing and it just meant that I was on the sofa for most of the day maybe because of that they were a little hysterical didn't cope with mama not washing up clearing away and with the busy weekend the place looked like a bomb and things need to be sorted, Tuesday I was also taking it easy grandma came to visit and they both were asleep at 7
Today we were out and about.

They learned nothing from me today apart from how to be a crazy person and that kills me because I loose it at lets say 11 and I can see it in T's behavior by 3

I am never buying basics on the high street again, all online from now on, nothing in any size that you need so you come out with three pairs of f'aiphgs;oaihsg  pink tights when the other lovely options are not in any size required and five years of buying sodding tights you know that the only ones that wash well and get worn repeatedly by your strange 5 year old are the bloody ones form M&S. no plimsolls just a pair of shoes that on reflection by said five year old probably were a bad choice turns out she doesn't like a toe stop sandal just as her mother said
That's not a problem we can return them

P came out with knock off pale pink Hello Kitty Croc ugly as hell but she will wear them all summer  in fact she is asleep in them now

So the usual stuff happens you are in a big store and they are just off doing their own thing. STAY BY ME!!! I can't see you round the corner aaarrrrhghghhhghghoesigh!
if I said it once it was 100 times. then there is the stand with the kids jewellery Penny looked like a techno glow Masai warrior and T just want's something anything
You're getting a free fashdg;hasrklg;s;ligh egg if I spend over £25!!!! you don't need necklaces that mean nothing to you

The problem here is that I don't think that I have spoilt T, she has loads of stuff but it's not been lavished on her and the rare occasions we have been out and there has been something that she really likes if it is not too much money I don't mind her having it she hardly ever asks for things but today the pair of them wanted everything and there was no foundation to it. it was greed

(Some thing else to sort out - note GREED with them on another occasion)

The free egg was carried in turns back to the car and wolfed the sugar calmed things down P was asleep when we got back and T was happy to finish covering her card house in paper over lunch with G

Then it got crazy again I finished papering the chimney will show pics another time and P woke up and the thing was in the kitchen drying I am clearing up the mess and she says
Mummy can we bake cookies now?

I  wasahg;ashfg;lashfg;oihqa on my hands and knees clearing up!!
This is the problem they are yapping with each other and asking me to do one thing after another without breath
mummy can i have my breakfast
mummy can you help me get dressed mummy I here mummy Thomas tank choo mummy I don't have a dress to wear mummmmmmyyuumm mmyyymmmmnioaholhj;wrah;adh;a;k
mummy do we get an egg?
mummy why don't' we get two eggs?

It happened that I got the Easter hols box down with all our decorations which were all quickly divided up into piles and there was some pushing and shoving. There were a pair of bunny ears T  decided that she was the Easter bunny and hopped around despite being told stop you are shaking the house go in the garden less than an minute later she is at it again
Then she is asking me to make silk and furry bunny ears for her play date on Friday

Before dinner it was back to painting the card house that was now dry and one can't paint without the other joining in
Things were calm I managed to clear the kitchen watch them and cook luckily pasta a 15 minute meal that clears away in seconds

I wanted her to practice her school work after bath, it was impossible she was so wired she couldn't tell you the difference between the word HELP and WENT. I just about held it together.

I wasn't cross today, CROSS happened on Monday when they were rude all morning and I madly cut T out of her dress with the kitchen scissors when she complained that she looked stupid, she said that I hadn't done the washing and there weren't any clean clothes.
They have, without realising it, because they are children sent me to the end of my tether and I have shamefully behaved like a crazy woman.

I have lost parental control mid week and it will come back to bite me.
If I relax enough later I might just cry at my actions it's a real failure its not how I want to parent.

I bet there is a full moon
I will have to make it up to them because no one deserves to be looked after by a defunct parent but I will also have to put in measures where their hysteria is deflected.

Now I need sleep and maybe tomorrow I will wear ear plugs

I am calmer already and have read through my ramble I am ashamed to post it and now I want to press the delete button. I won't because its what happens luckily for us not that often. I remember stuff that happened when I was five. I would rather they didn't think I had forgotten and if they ever need to talk about it it is here in all it's ugly glory.


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