Friday, 6 April 2012

A New Weekend

Over the last two days we have had some nice long play dates with treasured friends. A family and a little girl who T knew from preschool.

This was my offering to the table on Thursday and this morning I made rice crispy honey treats and ever so buttery biscuits which the girls then drenched in cheap sugars.

 And everyone has had a good nights sleep.

So the rant in the last post didn't end there as I still felt like I had some sparks and I couldn't relax but I put them out defiantly by Friday with the thought that it is just not worth blowing a fuse and having my actions copied in the behavior of my daughters.

Things are still not at rest in my world there are lots of decisions to be made by the end of the summer and I think that the anxiety will slowly bubble until they are all made.
They are not big things particularly but when they are all there like May flies it is rather difficult not to squint so to speak which causes a head ache.

In the mean time watch this, it should make you HOWL

I only ever watched the one episode of this TV show, it was terrible and what the clip does not show is the question and the elimination of each contestant before they get to this point which is equally good as what you see here and it explains by the host and others are looking on in HORROR.

I don't like to laugh at people in fear but Sabrina, thank you for lifting my days you are truly wonderful and I hope you recovered so soon after this trauma.


Listen to this

Radio 4
Sue MacGregor reunites five British Olympians from the 1948 Games.

I think it is only half  hour, I missed the last 10 mins and will catch up.

Did you know that the 1948 GB Olympics was hosted on a budget of 600.000, no village take us as you find us, post war. 
Apparently the Maltese entrant was funded by jumble sales and the seven entrants from NZ came on a tanker and trained on the deck for the journey.
Our competitors had to visit a Dr. to prove their gender, make their own shorts, get extra rations tokens for steak and were luckily to have a weeks training at the newly renovated Butlins.
One lady even carried her own starting blocks which she hammered in.

The games were not particularly covered as newspapers were restricted in size and the rest of the world was still killing each other and that had to be reported.

Tomorrow we are off to see some chicks
I wonder how that will go!

Have a nice Easter break

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