Saturday, 7 April 2012

Artistic Child

When I was under ten my mum gave me two books with art projects in them.
One was from St. Michael and cost 49p says the label
But I think mum got them from her special 'Boutique' anyway she was clearing out stuff and gave them to me recently.

Any way we were living in South Africa at the time and I tell you looked at these books like my girls watch television.

Here are some badly taken pics

Potato print butterflies so wonderfully layed out
Do you remember when poster paints came in these pots and you tried not to muck the white or yellow!!
I never thought I had enough paint for this, such a shame I was in love with this pink
Loved these illustrations - never read them just looked at the pics - somethings never change
Mum had the crayons for this but we didn't want to ruin them!!! and I didn't have a white T shirt or a brother!!
This boy was allowed to do this to his clothes - oh how I wished for a spare pare of stone washed denim
Still a lovely illustration

Odds and Ends!!

You see the problem with me is I couldn't and still can't always think out the box so the reason that I never did any of these projects is that if I didn't have the exact correct equipment then I didn't do them.

I remember once plucking up the courage to make a covered matchbox gift box, except I used a cooks matchbox and the only cloth to hand was a swatch of brown velvet furnishing cloth not the nice ditsy print as shown in the Blue Peter demonstration. Finished it was awfully chunky and didn't close properly and it still haunts me!

As I said we were living in South Africa at the time and I was OBSESSED by this photo

We had been over to visit my Grandma and so I was familiar with the late 70's feel of England and I had watched some TV here (we didn't always have a set growing up) and seen footage of the place through the seasons and everything about this image gripped me

What was the boy eating, whats in his role of paper?!
Decorative manhole cover whats that? Pavements? Look at the size of the crayon!
Where did those steps take you? Were they in a city?
Those children were so pale, look at their cheeks they were so rosy
You needed to wear a coat outside?
It seems so cold and navy and grey.

Meanwhile here at home my children continue to be creative without me having to do any of this stuff. To be honest I get the craft stuff out, there is glue and cutting out but as yet nothing has really been produced!

Hypno specs
Hannibal Sticker

Dreading tomorrow.

T's expecting the bunny to appear at some point I really need to talk to G about how much is too much and maybe I need to have the greed talk before it hops past the house although I feel with P anything I say may fall on very young deaf ears.

I feel sick already and I probably won't eat anything made from cheap sugar and fat!


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