Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Weekend

We did well on the egg front.

When T heard the 'boing' at the back door she left her game like a rocket to catch sight of that pesky bunny.
But alas no where to be seen.
Maybe next year.

Do you think she takes the bird home and chops it's head off?

This year we just let them eat and T knew by quite late in the morning when enough was enough.
Today were are taking the route of break a bit off and eat off a plate.
Last night I made her eat shepherds pie and told her she needed to eat the protein to cancel out the sugar and she needed to give her body not what she liked but what it needed.
Today she has said that she isn't going to eat as much chocolate just in case she has to eat that dinner again!!
Can't bloody win.

Later on I might ask T how long she thinks this sugar trip might last because I think that she could easily get to the end of the month.

Early this morning was blow away the cobwebs down at the cliffs and with the road clear were able to drive in no time.
It was wet blowy and salty

I honestly think I could take her down there and she would draw with the chalk for hours.

Now we are watching Funny Face with Barbara Streisand

and it is one question after another, I couldn't hear to tell her what was going on!
I am slowly on movie at a time dragging her away from daft pink princess


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