Monday, 16 April 2012

Weekend Away

These pics are from a visit to Grandmas toward the end of last week

The girls had a blast and it was really nice to visit as the Dr in the morning referred me to the breast clinic as I have a thickening that hasn't gone away and my nerves are on a simmer and it took my mind off of stuff.
It is probably hormones I have reached an age where things are not broken they are just on the blink.

I am the warning light on the dashboard, the one where you think, oh no, what now?

Friday we took T for her bloods. It was the repeat of last months and I will book an appt to see if she is still slightly anemic but hopefully that has sorted itself as she seems to be raging with health at the moment.

We went to the hospital and I forgot the forms so had to go back for them, when we got back we had missed our slot and a babies veins weren't playing ball and with one phlebotomist working for a whole children's hospital we entertained ourselves in the waiting room for two hours.

P didn't like what was happening which was rather sweet and T insisted on watching and did green out a bit at the end and had to recline in the big chair.

If you don't have to work Friday afternoons that is amazing.
G took Friday afternoon off as we went to visit family. The girls have three cousins, Katie Leslie and Joshua and they are chickens.
I didn't take any pics they are all on G's phone and I have not looked at them yet but Friday afternoon off makes the whole weekend nice a long. I suggest everyone does this more often.

When we got home the T decided to dress up P in clothes that belonged to me that no longer fit her.

I love this dress I wore it on my third birthday party and G made her the crown

Back to school tomorrow


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