Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A Birthday Treat

So there is a man in our family that likes the monkeys so for a belated birthday treat on Saturday we popped of to the zoological park to see them.

Following a bright sunny week the weather was grey and chilly.


But we had a great day out, admittedly the girls were a bit knackered and they did get a bit grouchy.

G can run as fast as an elephant that is 40km/per hr, I think that he is secretly mortified T can run as fast as an elephant shrew which is about 20!!

P pulled some strops

and she howled when she couldn't master this amazing trampoline

P left with a earthy hedgehog T left with a gaudy kitten

Girl likes a challenge and is likely to be the only girl in the family to manage this task, so I regularly challenge her if we pass scaffolding.

Hamster coffee morning!!

On Sunday I finally completed January's challenge and took everything that I cleared from the house and did a car boot sale

This is me, in the queue at 07:45

I worked really hard and I now have a super duper list of what to do to maximize sales
Call me Alan Sugar and ask for details

I was home by 12:30 and £163:00 richer!

By Monday morning I had a tummy bug


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