Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Days Out Around Town

Made a decision that we would walk more places rather than take the car and as it be the holidays I had mini trips and activities planned a couple of days in advance.

Wednesday was picking up Velcro, visiting the vet for flea treatment and a trip to the dance shop for a leotard price check.
It was a good two mile hike.

I got my half meter of Velcro and the girls got feathers

We were at the grotty end of town
P used her feather as a duster

The cat is still occasionally itching as I have put her treatment somewhere in the house and can't find it and the dance shop as closed and relocated somewhere that needs the car.

We finished off the day by walking to the park and hooking up with G for lunch.

Thursday was play group for P and in the afternoon a walk to T's old preschool because it is closing it's current doors and she wanted to say farewell. I think she is worried that it is P's turn to start this coming September and she might not have anywhere to go. We stayed for an hour and the girls had a ball!

Friday started with a car journey to soft play and all the way I was fearing that it would be heaving but I think that the bright sunny weather kept people at home and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.


I stopped for a cup of tea. I admitted to G that since being ill with winter flu that my body is weak and I am unfit and overly overweight.
Despite always feeling large whatever my size or age I have always felt strong and flexible but this year that is out the window hence ditching the car and throwing myself around multicoloured hell.

Anyone who knows me will tell you that my children only drink water or milk and eat a healthy diet.


Great day had by all, especially me as P was asleep before we left the car park!


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