Saturday, 24 March 2012

Gardening and Flu

Last year I thought I was going to let the girls into the garden to see if the Easter bunny had been. Actually the garden was such a wreck that the bunny just left some things on the back step.

This year I remembered that the garden looks terrible after winter and if we were going to enjoy any good Spring weather then I needed to get on things quickly.
You think that the leaves just fall but no, somehow gardens get filthy - from cats.
Weeds and dead bushes need dealing with etc and it is spikey and pokey out there.

So this week in between G and T being home and P having flu I have spent some time moving, clearing and bagging up the rot and when P was awake we were able to pop out for some sun.

PROPER flu with high fever and LONG sleeps is no fun
Not even ginger bread can make you get up
T finished school this week
Eggs were given out on the last day of term

Chocolate along with some mixed messages came back from school at this point she believes that if she eats the big egg Jesus wont live again and she needs to wait until Easter or he will be dead forever.

Her second tooth came out stuck in some chopped apple and following these infections they've both had I am going to get their hearing tested.

Bit of fresh air before the sun disappears behind the chimney
She has got so big this year

We are to have a hose pipe ban I think soon so I have decided to spend no money on the garden and have just emptied pots I don't like and replanted nearly everything and cut back the tall stuff.

Apparently ballet is not as beautiful anymore - still to get the full story

So I am nervous I am not sure why but I have a lump in my throat that a cup of peppermint tea won't shift.
I will try gently burping it away.

Sometimes if I have a list of stuff to get through and there is a change of routine like the holidays then I panic a bit. I want to crawl in a hole and say NO!! I can't do it.

Whats that all about, I need slapping or hand holding.

P has conjunctivitis in the other eye.
I managed to get nail polish on one hand today.



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