Thursday, 8 March 2012

TOAST house&home

The new house&home catalogue from TOAST arrived through the door yesterday and I don't mind telling you, seeing it lifted my spirits a bit.

It's spring summer, I prefer the winter one, more wool less linen but still I picked it up and a brief flash of no kids more income popped to mind.
I have kept a few winter catalogues as they sell wool felt living in front of a fire with a chipped mug of something whilst staying in a soot earth covered cabin better than anyone.

I found the nearest uninterrupted 10 minutes to make a cuppa and look to see what I can't afford.

Terrible pictures taken from my magical document but the badly lit images will make it feel a bit chilly

It used to be that you couldn't get a catalogue unless you bought something so there are people I know with hangers and peg bags which are the more reasonably priced items.
I own the dustpan and brush which cost more than one day tuition for T but it was a birthday present from G and I love it.
I also have bought bed linen in the sale which wears and washes better than anything else I ever bought.

I bought a pair of pj's, sale again but they are so fine I keep tearing them but I don't care.

The problem is that my life isn't straw and beautiful silk prints with antique tiles in the bathroom. I don't live somewhere balmy with palms and a pool and have really long legs.

It looks like this

I hope TOAST don't mind me sharing these images here, I hope that they understand that flicking through the pages can be like the effect of gas and air in labour, a truly wondrous thing.
Sometimes you just can't charge for that.

T is on her first after school play date today and my stomach is in knots that I am not picking her up!


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  1. You don't know what you're talking about - that hat oozes style! TOAST would do well to include it in their spring/summer range.