Sunday, 4 March 2012

Skipping on a Sunday

It's nice and wet out there which for me is a perfect day to exercise
or to start a program of keep fit.
Less people around to see the wobbly bits wobble.

I stayed in bed a little later and listened to this song a few times it reminds me of camping.
Here is a video that is nice to look at, I have not watched it all the way through I only bought the tune on iTunes.

So I have watched the Punk Rope Skipping tutorials and G cut my rope to length and off I went.

There is a path in the garden 5 bricks wide this is my spot. I am sure worms came to the surface of the lawn to see what was going on.

It's not bad, I would like to say I skipped solidly for three minutes and it felt like a possible target to reach but it didn't help that after thirty jumps I either trod or tripped on the rope.

I'll try and be back at it tomorrow I would like to be out there before the girls get up but I am so shattered that it might not be possible but I could push myself into that mind set with an alarm clock.

The garden is beginning to grow and there is lots of sorting to do and that's always nice to think about.

I cut the roses right back in Autumn but I didn't KILL them!
I didn't think that these would make it through the winter
I've never been able to grow these well and they don't smell

After ward I made my way upstairs and decided to do the yoga sun salutations before a shower as a friend last night asked me if I was keeping it up and I had to admit that I'd been rather slack.

Then I failed monumentally and shoved a rogue choc mini roll in my mouth that was in the medicine box next to my bed just in case I needed to placate an ill child in the night.

But stiff as a board I did the salutations.

Then I ate an orange in the shower.

There is a wash in the machine and we are popping for air and I don't care that it is raining it will do us all good.

Have a great Sunday.

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