Tuesday, 28 February 2012

New Shoes and New Books

We have an independent shoe shop close to home that is always busy and always successful in fitting my girls for shoes.
T has wide paddy toddler feet that rarely grow and P has long thin feet are never seem the same size from one month to another.

Some times the queue to be served can be extreme
Yesterday I was lucky AND P was asleep!

They have the most beautiful things

None of these shoes are cheap, but I only needed a pair that will see us through till early days of summer which will be four months at the most so I asked what they had in her size as usually they have a stock of stuff out the back, we left with these at the bargain sale price of still a lot of money.

Here I wanted to insert a pic of Nurse Ratchet but it made my stomach churn so I haven't.
P wore them for about an hour this morning then found her way too small knock off crocs with plastic Hello Kitty from last summer and has put those on for our trip to the shops.


A lovely parcel arrived from New Zealand. Thank you!

How super cool is that!
I am loving my reading list for 2012
It's a nice stack of books

G said it came with a flat flower

The boy knows nothing.

If you would like to see how lovely NZ can look at this time of year take a look at Agnes Coy over at


Do you ever get the grass is greener feelings?
I get this with the So Tread Softly wordpress. She was my first ever blog, I had visited her home when she was England based and had been knocked sideways by it's beauty, cleanliness and all round breath of fresh air.
Anyway I secretly stalked her on line and discovered what a craft blog was and that was it I was hooked.
My original point, when I am sweltering in the heat of August Mrs Tread Softly has beautiful photos of frost covered gardens to look at and when I am miserable in October because it is grey outside I know that NZ is warming up so you get the picture.

Finally because it has taken 10 hours to do this today

At early o'clock this morning

Will I ever be able to take a wee in peace?

Got my cuppa
Off to bed


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  1. I like the red and brown ones with dots! Can I have a pair? I don't think boys shoes will be as cute... bah!!!

    By the way P is such a cutie... T is too but then everyone has known that for years!