Monday, 27 February 2012


Tried to buy shoes for P in town yesterday but her feet were too narrow and didn't fit anything suitable and everything else was over stitched with bright pink/purple embroidery and I refuse to buy into it when leather shoes cost so much money.

After riding the escalator a few times we walked past the Disney Store.
We went in.
P can open her arms and clear a shelf faster than a shop lifter.
She's learning to put stuff back.


They sell these

Small girls will love them and they are pretty eye catching.
They stand in the box about 2 feet tall and if you kept them in there for ever then that definitely would be best.

But if you take them out and undo the cellophane that keeps their hair neat and let a lots of under 8's play you end up with this monster of a character

I couldn't get a better picture but you get the idea.
Money down the drain me thinks

T is home form school with sore throat and temp we are all watching Nanny McPhee again


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