Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hove Museum

I always thought this was the nicest house on the street.

But for some reason walking up to it I didn't want to live in it, not sure why.

So plan was

Go to Hove Museum
Have lunch straight away - get in early before the crowds
Look around the Museum and see the Robot exhibition
Visit the very good shop
Drop G off by 2pm to get a haircut.

What actually happened

We had to eat out because the cupboards were bare, which happens.

It was busy and we got the last remaining table by moving a table away from somebody else, they were a party of two sitting at a table for 6.
We could have shared but we are British and it's just not done.

The waitress was amazing and split the glass of milk between two and brought straws.
The same waitress also made sure that the beans didn't touch the toast. 
T thought the tomato was just for decoration and left it WELL alone and P doesn't eat scrambled eggs in public. T ate the toast for the first time but wasn't sure about the beans. P spent a lot of the time under the table quietly.

The pair of them behaved like there was a competition to be won.
It could have been that they sensed cake was an option. In fact that was all that P periodically said.

I like to have the bill paid before we finish eating which G thinks is plain rude but it saves so much distress.
Time and time again you see families out for a spot of lunch and then just as things are getting fractious the adult asks for the bill keen to leave but the waiter is usually rushed off their feet and you can end up waiting another 15 minutes before seeing the receipt by which time there is usually a melt down from someone at the table, parent or child.
Why not have the meal paid for and then leave without all the crap.

We played it my way .

Then off round the children's section up stairs

I had a bit of dress envy for these two dolls

Then we went down to see the Robots but that had finished on Tuesday, never mind, so into the shop which had nothing!
I've been there before and it's usually a great little nook for all things interesting but not a dicky.

Dropped off G. Job done!

Later in the eve watched Nanny McPhee on TV and it was so good I popped out and rented the next one Nanny McPhee And The Big Bang, is that what it's called?
I love it!


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