Saturday, 25 February 2012

More Mess

Normally I would agree with you, "What was she thinking leaving ink where a toddler could reach it?!"

Let me tell you I am still learning that my daughters are different, T would never have touched it without asking but P thinks what the hell!

Let me also tell you that I was IN the room getting dressed and she managed to get this far without me noticing.

Bloody Baby

and I have been saying that since she could climb at nearly seven months old.

This week a lovely gift arrived from America, a new glasses case!
I love a pattern and it is really nice to hold.

Camping as a Pastime is my new read

I haven't put my specs in it yet but I do carry it around with me and I found a Cinderella Poly Pocket in it yesterday.

So that yoga exercise is going really well I am doing the salutations morning and night.
It is amazing for nasal congestion and I can now easily bend and rest my palms on the floor, my nose will not touch my knees but I hope to relax into this by the end of next week.

I am also finding that my back is stiff in the UP DOG position but having just watched the video from the last post I need to adjust my technique as well as think about adding HOOLA hooping into my routine.
The POP FORWARD bit where she jumps her feet to her hands is also proving tricky but I think that's because my stomach and breasts are in the way so probably less sugar and cheese in the daily diet but that's not any great news.

The weather is supposed to be mild for February and we planned a fun filled weekend but I can see it falling flat because it is so grey out there.

Will leave the house today definitely.

Have a nice weekend

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