Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Another Mile Stone

Shrove Tuesday before last I was here

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Actually this was post surgery probably on the Friday morning as I am missing an oxygen cannula and I have stopped crying, I was so pleased to be done with the anesthetic.
Such an awful week, early in the morning I jumped off a small breakwater on the beach and then next thing I wasn't weaning my baby taking T to preschool or putting dinner on the table.

It took till June to be free from casts and a whole warm summer to learn how great my life is.
I also decided that from then on I wasn't going to ask anybody to get me anything if I could get up off my backside and get it myself.

This Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes as a family

P thinks it's great that he can break the egg IN the cup

I did something this week, I think I walked up the stairs and realised that my body was really weak.
I broke the ankle a year ago and have done hardly any exercise and then over winter when I could have started something I got this STUPID virus and didn't do anything unless it was necessary.
For example bending to open the oven or washing machine door, pushing the hoover round.

I have not used the birthday skipping ropes because there is only one place at the Homestead where I can skip, on the garden path and it has a chopped up wardrobe in the way which we have yet to dump.
That should be clear this weekend.

In the meantime I thought I'd do this every morning, 5x's  for 30 days and see if it makes a difference.

About 10 years ago maybe more I jumped on the Ashtanga Yoga band wagon and took a course and some classes it wasn't going to become a life style choice I think I joined a gym and couldn't afford to do both. But I did like the effort it took to complete the routine and I think I got quite good at it.

At no point during my yoga experience did I have the control this lady displays in the video, did you see her fly at 30 seconds, but I have always been flexible despite my size and I thought this might be a good place to start bending and stretching again without an oven tray in my hand.

So I started in the kitchen this morning I couldn't touch the ground!!!
Before the ankle it was no problem to put my hands under my feet, in fact I could easily pull off the following poses.

There is so much work to do.
I did complete 5 sun salutations it got better as I went on but I think I might have to do 5 in the evening as well.

and maybe eat a few less pancakes too.


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