Friday, 9 March 2012

Food Coma

I've eaten too much and feel really much fuller than I have ever done.
I think I am learning a lesson as the shepherds pie I had for dinner doesn't seem to be moving despite being rather active with clearing the kitchen down after dinner.

I have dug out some pics of the girls not in a food coma but just too shattered to think about eating.

I think it is all about the food this week. I eat too much and T doesn't eat enough of anything good or bad. She is exhausted, pale and is loosing her shine because I don't think she is getting enough of what she needs.

I am so bored of what I am cooking I am surprised we eat anything.
Our meals need to be brighter and that is the plan for the weekend make dinners a delight.

First I have to find the enthusiasm

The first week I gave real meals to T, I remember thinking how will I keep this up for the next eighteen plus years, I think every mother before me must also have their ups and downs

We need an upper
I wish the sun would shine lots soon.

Have a great weekend

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  1. Hey fatigue is a common feature of my world too! When you love grub but sometimes can't be arsed it is only natural. Do you want to do a recipie swap? Sharing 5 or 6 faves can help mix things up :) Ll xX