Friday, 16 March 2012

Sick Child

Yesterday we had some time in the garden. T wanted us to relax on deck chairs but we have composite decking and it heats up in the sun so we sat on that and drank tea whilst the girls carved up the lawn.

Week before last T had an ear infection and had been dealing with a high temperature not to mention sleeping LOTS  but the Dr. (Dr. Penis) that we saw said keep her full of medicine and send her back to school.
She had then seen a lovely lady Dr. when she wasn't improving who gave her antibiotic cream for the ear and she seemed to pick up.
Then she went down hill and I picked her up from school this last Monday, after a weekend of low grade fever, where she just looked awful so I managed to get another appt. with the lovely lady Dr. at what is called a sit and wait clinic.

By the time we got in the Dr. said she was the sickest child she had seen.
So all that menu/good food planning for this week went right out the window.

We went to the hospital for bloods the following day to see what those white cells were up to and that lovely Dr. called back early in the eve to say that T didn't have Leukemia but was ever so slightly anemic and maybe that was caused by the fact that children don't usually tend to eat when they are ill and she probably had a flu.

Boy did she get a dressing down at the dinner table for not making an effort with her dull dinners


Note If you are under 12 you have to have your bloods done at the children's hospital which is a new building with a super duper glass lift that travels fast and as a treat for being excellent in the chair we went up and down more than once.

At the table I said to her
Do you remember that little girl who got into the lift with her mummy?
She had silver boots, a pink coat and a wooly hat she was about your age.
T nodded
Well, she is very poorly and her medicine makes all her hair fall out which is why she was wearing a hat pulled down over her ears. That little girl might not get better and today the doctor looked at your blood to see if you had the same bug in your body as that little girl. Very lucky for you, you don't.
But you do have a little something that isn't helped because you are being so picky about what you eat but you can fix it by making an effort here at the diner table.

At which point my vain 5 year old let go of her blonde locks picked up her fork and ate her pasta, sauce and all.

Today she is better but still fast asleep on the sofa and covered in her rash. I am hoping that she will be well enough for school on Monday.
She is taking it easy but I think G and I are fighting the bugs this week.

F1 starts this weekend
We don't have SKY, damn you Bernie Stoneless for selling out to the highest bidder

There are no more blue flowers in my garden


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