Monday, 19 March 2012

Round Up in Pictures

Funny pics of P from last week

The weekend was busy enough

I left her with G
This rash goes from head to toe and gets much worse as the weekend goes on
This is the poorly bed close to me so I can keep an eye on whoever is not well

My first tart
I still cocked it up
Real home cooking
Sun bursting in

Herman the German friendship cake - It's been in the oven for 3 hours - won't cook - wrong tin perhaps.
Mothers Day Cards - is that a glitter chicken sans beak?
Came home late Sunday afternoon to a lovely surprise 2!! milk bottles 2!! bunches either side of the door

T still isn't in school although her temp is nearly where is should be but she looks bitten/burnt/sore and I'd rather that rash was on its way out before she puts her uniform on again.

I am desperate to catch up with the washing and gardening but that might have to wait because P has a temperature of 39.1 this evening and we will no doubt be putting on our nursing hats to look after her even though she is wandering round the place in pj's wellie boots carrying a soft kitten wearing a winter hat at gone 10pm

She is clearly crazy


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