Friday, 17 February 2012

Half Term

Had not a lot of plans but wanted to do something little every day but we are confined to barracks.

Old funny face here

got the pox!

G has been working flat out which is what we really need as the New Year looked a bit bleak and his line of work appears slow at the mo, so it has been me and the ladies upstairs from his office taking it easy.

But he took a break to do a kids freebie museum thing mid week with T, she 'd had a temp in the night and looked pale in the morning but I thought that she could manage it as it was only for and hour, she needed some air and it was round the corner.
When they got there, it was full of kids behaving like adults and adults behaving like children squashed in like sardines. T had a white out after about 10 minutes and they made a break for it,
found a quiet spot in the museum and looked at mice bones and rocks I think, cooled down and had a much needed half hour of father daughter time before coming home and watching Mamma Mia AGAIN.

I have been a bit cross of late with all things petty but this arrived in the post and it was just what was needed. To go with it I made a cup of tea and found five minutes of alone time to undo all the knots.


Then it pretty much came off the rails, in came the girls and I literally had to fight them off the wrapping. P is still to young to get whats mine is MINE!

The glass came with all lovely smelling Christmas candles and the sender, usually so sensible, suggested that I might pack T's school lunch in the white boxes.

and risk getting food stains on them

Don' fink so!

What has been strange, I have had a couple of packages delivered this week and I automatically don't check the label and assume they are for G so they sit there for a few hours before opening.

Thank you FMH it was a really lovely surprise, all of it. xxx

We had some play dates this week and a 1st birthday party.

The mother of this lovely little one and I have been friends for I think nearly a hundred years. Her parents live in this crazy huge house around the corner from my family home and I spent most weekends there as a kid and most of the summer holidays too.

I took the girls with me to the party and maybe because it was dark outside and cosy inside that it reminded me of when I was younger T, P and some others piled onto a big bed and watched a movie whilst eating party food and people came and went and chatted and it felt like a cosy Piccadilly Circus and something about the look in T's eye sent me right back to being 10 again.
I can't explain it but I fought back a few tears.

I'm dreading making dinner tonight I feel another disaster coming along

Have a nice weekend

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