Sunday, 19 February 2012

New Dress for T

The other day when T and I spent some mother daughter quality time together and I was hugely disappointed by the experience and she found the most beautiful dress in the world that she just had to have.

This was the dress that was over priced, overly man made and overly pink.

The story goes that I told her she couldn't have it as we were shopping together for hair accessories and that I didn't have the £15 to buy it.
If you remember she didn't kick up a fuss because she has been trained that way and I was impressed by her behavior.

At some point when we got home I said that she could have the dress but she would have to pay for it herself which was possible because she had savings.

There were explanations as she still doesn't understand money and then with me she counted the contents of her piggy bank, to which I quickly added some cash because I know I have raided it in the past for parking change.

She had £13:50 give or take.

Sadly not enough.

Over dinner we explained that to get extra money children often did extra work around the home, washing the car, mowing the lawn or clearing a part of the house but we felt that she was too young for these she suggested cleaning her room.
Kindly I said that I wasn't about to start paying her for something I expected to do anyway.

We then told her that the shop where the dress was had a high turn over of stock and it was likely not to be on sale when she had saved the money so we would loan her the £1:50 but she would have to pay us back by completing the following.

For 7 days you must,
Make an effort to eat all you meals fuss free and with enthusiasm.
Be silent for 1 half hour every time you wear the dress.

If she is unable to do this then the dress will be taken away

She nodded DEAL DONE!!

G took her and phoned me from the store to yell at me. He wasn't keen on it.

T loves it and has worn it every day.

It's first outing it was accessorized with long pink gloves, tiara, jewellery, shoes etc and she could barely walk because she felt so overwhelmed  by her beauty.

The chores are going well, the half hour silence has been well worth and I will definitely use this trick again.
The meals are better and she has eaten more but still managed to get a little fussing in and I only had to threaten taking it away once.

Otherwise all is good
Back to school tomorrow and the big spring clean starts!


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  1. Truly, you look beautiful! What a snip at £15 ;0)