Monday, 19 December 2011

Nearly at Christmas and where has the time gone?

Got lots of photos for you to see but I am having problems with the camera phone it seems unable to focus and with crap winter light and all you can see is a fuzzy image.

Firstly an amazing email sent to me from a friend on the 1st December.
Great way to start the month.


I just bought some elastic from a fab haberdashers.
It was in a street in Salamanca (The Chelsea of Madrid)
Tiny shop, with faded display of ribbons and knitting patterns in the window.
Customer area about the size of a bathroom, with a wooden counter and an old man wearing a striped shirt and cufflinks.  All the stock in hidden away in boxes with 1940's labels on them from the floor to the ceiling.  You have to ask for EXACTLY what you want, then a younger woman in tan knitwear climbs a ladder and fetches it.

So my metre of elastic is folded, then efficiently wrapped in a lozenge of tissue paper, with a twist at each end, like a sweet.

Did some Christmas shopping today, and everything gets giftwrapped, in the store's branded paper, with a name sticker on.  They wrap on the bias, with clear disregard to paper wastage.

Have a good week.


I have an inexplicably cold and numb finger.  I could hit it with a hammer right now, and it'd probably just chip off.


This must be from late summer but I found it recently. You can restrain your naughty toddler in a public toilet whilst you wash your hands or change your baby!

T has to wear a beige coat for school and she doesn't like the one I bought her because it's different (colour/make) to the ones the other kids have.
I bought it second hand for £7 rather than the school outfitters of £120 plus.
It is really worn but it will do for this year and actually I think its a beautiful brand, see Gloverall, and I might buy her the same brand next year if necessary.
It was really big but now I think it might just last her till the spring.

To cheer her up about it I told her I was going to hide this cat and butterfly somewhere in the house for her to find but sewed them into her coat for a surprise at school.
She thought it was cool but asked if I could put them on the outside instead.

Though T could make cloves in oranges for her teacher and class room assistant for Christmas thank yous. It appears she doesnt like the juice on her hands or the smell.

So my first attempt was a bit Halloweenie

Much Better

Sent them in tea bag boxes. Think my New Yrs resolution is to not buy fancy boxes.

This is the Autumn Blanket.
It was a gift from Alan down the road (who used to be in Dr.Who a 100 years ago). Is Aunt Hilda owned a drapers in Cheshire a long time ago and knitted it.

Mince pies have been made, two lots actually and I am not sure if I can face doing another batch!

Made a wreath. Got to remember to bring it in every night as last years effort was stolen.

It's actually flopping a bit.
Managed to pick up another cold and a bit of illness fear so went for long walk to blow out the cobwebs. 
Successful effort.

Do you remember this? We started to fix a set of drawers to a cupboard back in March for the girls room but I broke my ankle well finally got round to finishing it, sort of.

It needs another coat of paint and the top and bottom need handles that bring it together.
I'm thinking a big pom pom hanging from the lock.

Papered the inside. It is a place to special things that we don't want to get broken.
We will see if it works for them.

Tree is up and it is as wide as it is high.
It means you can fit two less people in the room.

P's birthday tomorrow


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