Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another Birthday Gone

I am an only child and didn't always live with lots of children around me.
So I am learning a lot about children as my two grow. I am constantly alarmed how differently they think from me and from each other.

P's birthday this week and I wouldn't have thrown a party but I thought why not celebrate her 2nd and learn some valuable lessons in the mix.

We had a birthday play date and with 3 guests and their mums. It was hard to find a day because you are either in the Christmas holidays or you have to navigate the school activities like nativity or carol concert.

Also kind of went to town on T's birthday so along with ANOTHER thick cold was thoroughly exhausted by late December so kept it simple despite original plans of an ELMO theme.

About a week before I prepared the party bags which I'd bought the contents around the same time as buying for T's.

I had planned to make little felt Elmos for the bags but actually was far too tired to do so and I think that we had a run of the girls not sleeping in the evenings making no time to make anything so the idea was knocked on the head.

I am sure they loved the plastic items from the pound store much more than a felted craft number and I couldn't help adding to the bags once they were hung up. I liked that they were getting heavier.

Continued the red theme and put out snack time but as P had refused breakfast she was not keen on waiting before digging in and she won't listen.

Put out all the big toys and a basket of bits and books and let them get on with it.
At one point it looked like a Norman Rockwell painting especially as I had to change P's nappy and she wasn't playing ball at all.

Yesterday was her actual birthday and family came to visit through the day and she had a great time and didn't want to share her presents one bit.

Buying more of those crayons really good pigment
Where has my face gone - it has been swallowed up by so much fat
She enjoys driving this into the sofa a great speed and spend the whole day in tights

G made the Elmo cake and she loved it

Next year it is decided. A big box for each girl and I will organise their events in the summer and pack it all up so its ready and tweak where necessary.
Thats from invite through to thank you note.

So Tingle Poo, Happy Birthday.
I can't believe the time has gone so quickly you certainly keep me on my toes and never give me five minutes to think about it but watching you sleep you are exactly the same as you were in the hospital 2 years ago.
We have a big year ahead, you have new things to say every day and I am sure it will be bumpy as I will expect so much from you. I will thank you now because I know it will be entertaining.
I love you so much and want to give you everything you need.
You have my attention always so no need to belt me!

Much love mummy


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