Friday, 23 December 2011

Father Christmas at the Royal Pavillion

T was taken to see Farmer Christmas at the palace yesterday. She went last year with Grandma and it was a success and the magic seems to be even more rooted this year so off we went.

I have had a lot of cabin fever of late so was really looking forward to some fresh air with her and a chat along the way. Through the morning I did think that I might be ruining the event because I couldn't help but raise my voice to her as she seemed to be infuriating at every turn.

Actually it was alright she seemed to be forgiving and I might have made up for it along the way.

Rubbish quality photos again I'm afraid.

I think you can hire this room for weddings.

They have the best living flame gas fires anywhere. If you visit when it's quite and the fires are on, you can hear the gas feed and along with the smell of the cleaning products that smell like moth repellent and incense and for me that is a treat for the senses.

She believes that Farmer Christmas has put a spare ballet skirt in that present.
She is so excited but I bet he hasn't. So I will either be sewing by candle light on Christmas Eve or popping to the shops if I can get out of Number Jacks Live this morning.

It's only eighty five minutes long including interval I might take ear plugs.

It's grey out there again

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