Thursday, 8 December 2011

Big Week Part 6. And It's Over!!

So we wanted to lay a carpet for sound insulation and we needed to complete this as soon as possible because the noise heard in the basement was unbearable.

It started here

And ended here

We are very happy.
We are slowly moving things into the room asking ourselves still are we carpet people?
Things going back are slightly different because I like the space and the feeling of empty. So it's more things on walls rather than on floors.


Have been sitting at the table doing thank you notes from T's birthday

and making birthday invites for P.
Her day is coming up soon.
3 blondes coming for a play date
That is going to be interesting, no gluten or eggs.

Meanwhile when you clear a room it has to go somewhere.

Upstairs it looks like this and its a fraction of the devastation

I have put all the washing away and made some decisions about things that need to be gotten rid of.
So it's about 80% there.
But Christmas is about to be thrown together so I am not sure if the big sort will happen until the new year.

Things are peaceful again but then T broke up from school today so who knows how long that will last. Both of the girls are not sleeping well at night one tells me she is having nightmares and the other has decided long naps during the day is the way to go so going to bed at 7 is out of the question.

I should easily be stir crazy by Saturday

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