Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Big Week Part 5

So about two Tuesdays ago it was T's Birthday! FIVE!!!!!

So happy for her, she has been desperate to be five. I am not sure what she had planned for being five but time will tell.

So I laid out all of her presents and cards at the breakfast table and she opened everything she got a new scooter and some lego and bits that I can't remember, swimming goggles that she had been after for weeks.
We also showed her the birthday cake that G made so she could think about it all day otherwise they  only see the cake for 5 seconds before blowing out the candles and you chop it into pieces and stick it in party bags.
She wasn't that impressed then I realised that she didn't know what it was, she thought it was a lump of plastic toy. IT'S CAKE!

Then she was really blown away

Then off to school with her I am 5 badge, she told anyone who looked at her that it was her birthday.

Then G and I sat round for an hour drinking tea trying to take on board the preparations required for her small intimate birthday tea party.

We were going to hire a venue and invite her new class but to be honest we couldn't afford it and I don't think I could cope with it either so decided on a tea party instead with some lovely little ones who we had met along the way.

T loves 'pop up pirate' and I saw mini versions of the game in a store thought they would be great in a party bag remembered that we had Splasher so tried out the idea of a mermaid and pirate theme on her which she took hook line and sinker and set about planning what could be possible.
Of course all of this was before Gareth decided to decorate.

Check out our new sound proofing underlay - Every mermaid rides a dolphin
Musical Boats - Last one in's a Looser
Costumes and Party Bags Girls are mermaids boys are pirates and toddlers are sea urchins

Party snack on arrival - Dinner at 5 - Spag Bol Sausage Chips and Beans!

I made the biggest pass the parcel EVER

and when it was all over and everyone went home G had a glass of wine and I saw off a panic attack with a peppermint tea.

Goggles and a pair of snow white shoes on her feet
I couldn't face making dinner and she had hardly eaten a thing with excitement

These are birthday cards made for T by two of our guests and they are amazing. This is not a good photo, I just uploaded a much better one but noticed the mermaids bra had slipped and exposed her breast and nipple I just couldn't post it, thinking that it was a private drawing from it's sender!

But I love them and they have such detail that I will pop them into a frame and maybe T will remember a fine afternoon in November.
I have yet to hear what she thought of her birthday tea party.

So T, if you read this when you are older Happy Birthday babe.
You make me so very happy everyday and my sun rises and falls with you.
You are funny and I feel your love.
If I tell you that you drive me crazy its because you do.
I am there for you always right beside you and my hand is here to hold yours when ever you need it.

Much love


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  1. It was a fantastic party and we felt very chuffed to have been invited. Mollie and Arthur still speak about it and it was so obvious how much love and care and time you put into the whole thing. I'm really enjoying getting to know you and Gareth a bit better and each time I'm with you I love your girls even more. They are such a credit to you xx