Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big Week Part 4

On Sunday it was a Super Hero Party for T to attend. She asked me if she could go as a princess but rules is rules and I am sure the birthday boy would like everyone in his theme.

So either Super Hero Kitten that I could knock together in half an hour or own clothes it didn't matter and was not to be worried about.

What a Trooper!
She even got to wear some of mums lip gloss a special treat and I tell you she sparkled.
She didn't wear a coat, who needs to in that cape and it was only round the corner and she didn't take her scooter which I love because that means that she holds my hand.

On the way over she fell over and hurt the knees but picked herself up and got on with it.

When we got there T was the only one in a home made outfit and the three other little girls there were all dressed up as Princesses.


Although there was no howling there were definitely tears. Big round glassy tears.
We blamed in on the knee and she sat on my lap and watched for a bit and my heart broke for her.

I think that nearly five is still too young to realise how fabulous one can look and pulling off and outfit can make you a star in the room.

I can't remember what we did for the rest of the day but she had perked up and made a new friend who we will never meet and that it always nice.

On Monday I had an apptointment at the hospital with ENT.

The Mr had a good feel at the throat and spent time listening to all my virus woes although I don't think I was coherent through the tears before he took a big shiny thing to look down my throat and then inserted a camera down up nostril and past my tonsillectomy.
Mr was right, it's not the most comfortable feeling in the world.
But nothing I told him had him reaching for the panic button. So again I am calm.
The dizzyness that I am feeling will probably wear off in a few weeks and is probably the tail end of what ever I had through August, September and November.
I will have a scan on the goiter which is smooth and large just like all the women in my family it will go in and out like the tide and I will live with it.

Tuesday is T's 5th Birthday and she is super excited

She is having a birthday tea so we spend the afternoon before making up party bags and sticky toffee popcorn to give out at school on the day.

We talk about being five a lot and how happy we are.
Before she goes to sleep T tells me she loves me the biggest number which is 100.
I suggest she tries to climb into my bed in the morning without waking me up
Which she does


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