Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big Week Part 3

So Saturday was the school Christmas Fayre. It's all to raise money for the school so they can buy cool stuff through the year.
It cost £5 for kids and £2:50 for adults with a wine and cheese I took 13 people.
Bloody hell.

T had a minor blip before we left because I had put up the happy sign but I had made it years ago before she could talk and I had not added UNCLE on and she was not happy.

Note for next year - buy matching paper and dots and get it fixed

I think it looks good on the grey which at this point I still don't love

So they had food stalls, bouncy castle, chocolate tombola - we won big on that. Raffle, Christmas Karaoke not to mention other kid friendly games that I took no notice of because I LOST P for what seemed like 2 minutes but was only 30 seconds before hawk eye Grandpa spotted her hiding in a bush. Little COW.

The kids could also craft decorations we came home with this.

I think P is pointing to where it poops from. She is so naughty.

We came home with pickles and wine and stuff and it turns out that Grandpa has won the raffle, 2 hours with Claire the personal trainer!

The idea was that we would make a lunch of baked potato and lots of lovelies and all I had to do was warm it through but the oven decided to go on the blink.

But T opened some presents and looking back on things I should have warned her that P didn't really understand what birthdays were and all that she would see would be presents and probably make things difficult for the birthday girl which was probably and understatment.
A toy is a toy after all.

T held out pretty well and in the early evening set forth doing some major gluing and sticking with one present whist P just played with everything else.

Then it descended into the beginnings of cries and chaos and we put them to bed and at that point I thought I was going to be sick with tiredness and I realised I am not very good at being social and like being in the kitchen organiseing or washing up if it's my own home and we have company.
Is that normal for mothers?


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