Saturday, 3 December 2011

Big Week Part 2

Well part 2 was supposed to follow soon after part 1 but out of nowhere things got really busy and before you know it a week has passed

So we took our living space from this comfortable image from last summer or the one before judging by the car seat and the rug

Huge amount of photos

To these which must have been 3 weeks ago now.

So at this point the floors have been insulated with rock wool and the boards secured down and there have been an extra plug socket put into each room and the majority of furniture, toys, ornament and crap have all been stored upstairs.

This is from Monday when Toby arrived at 8am

Then by lunch Toby had done this and it was sanded and ready for a coat of undercoat to cover the dark grey.

I think they call it the BEFORE

The following day the paint went on after much umming and arring about which shade of grey we should go to next. I like grey and I didn't want to go to the paint shop seem to be having a problem leaving the house. Some women find it an enjoyable experience.
Not me.
I know I am rarely right first time its just the way I am.

We had chosen the carpet and if we went with a brown based paint the brown carpet looked brown but if we went with a blue based colour then it looked like we had skinned a seal cub.

I had sent G off to buy the paint saying that if the Cornforth was too pale get the Pavillion but his personality couldn't resist getting the Lamp the wrong light it really seemed to be the wrong side of dark.

The London Clay was really wrong for the wood work all turning out to be a costly mistake.

In the end it came together like so

We changed the Clay to Tanner's Brown and Gareth said lets go with the skirt and frames in a similar grey to the walls
At this point I don't love it

By end of play Wednesday it was done and Toby was gone.

Then started the big clean because the family were coming  Saturday for Uncle John and T's birthday they are both the same day so we combine a gathering and it happened to be the same day as the school fayre. so they got an outing as well.

Carpet due the following week



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