Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Big Week Part 1

So the noise in our basement from our lounge and dining room is deafening.
This is where G works so he decided that we would need to lay a carpet to drown the sound. Well, you can't just lay a carpet and not paint the walls if you have not painted in nearly 13 years.
So he booked the decorator and we set forth arguing about flooring.

And boy did we fight and battle lines were drawn.

Here are some photos of what the space looked like over the years. I have not trawled through that many photos and there are not that may without other people in them

Notice the kind of white paintwork
Royal Wedding and white floor boards and grey walls
Before children when these was time to do fiddly thing - old fire place - no paint on the floor

Grey walls again with white picture rail boarder
Grey walls and tidy

So he told me Wednesday before last that Toby was coming to paint on the Monday so we had to move everything out over the weekend, secure the floorboards, put in any new sockets and choose a carpet.

Did he forget that the following Saturday (last Saturday) we had invited 13 people to lunch?

More to follow

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