Thursday, 4 August 2011

Vintage Manolo Blahnik Boots For SALE

Is it vintage if it is less than 10 years old?

Some Boutiques at the car boot sale seem to think so and often say vintage when you query the price they think of charging. I think that I am old school unless its smells a bit musty, needs a dry clean and is dated before 1979 it isn't vintage. Anything after 1980 is just old, still has its merits, but is something else, often very cool but not vintage.
Maybe I need to re think that as I realise 1980 was over 30 years ago

Having said that I have some 'vintage' boots to sell.

Here you go!

I have a pair of boots to sell, size 41, great for Autumn.
They were a gift from a friend who worked for a designer through the late nineties, I believe the boots were only worn once for runway or an editorial so as far as I know they have not been outside and I do not know if they were in production so they might be quite rare although I remember this style with the floppy tongue having a fashionable season.

Softest green leather and black suede and fabric heel and tongue.

The right heel plastic bit is damaged and will need repair. There is NO damage to the fabric.
I never took them to my local cobblers as I wasn't confident in his ability to fix them without care.
They do not come with a bag or a box.

I have never worn them as they are a size too small but I have tried them on more than once. They have been well stored away and I just always thought they were so beautiful I didn't want to loose them unnecessarily.

I will be putting them on ebay or vintage clothing page from the 15th august 2010 in the mean time they are available by contacting me in the comments section below.

I am looking for sensible offers.

I am selling thses as I need new specs and I have seen two pairs, that could see me happily through to my forties. One pair fits me like the perfect jeans or wedding dress but are out of budget.
If you have ever tried something on and felt tears then you will know where I am coming from.

I can't keep these boots wrapped up for ever and this is a good trade.

Please forward this post on to anyone who you might want to take these bad boys on, they need a good home, and they are deathly comfortable.

Thanks a lot

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