Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Grey Hair Forever or Red Hair Soon

I used to be slightly alternative, which is easy when you are size 10 at art school wash board stomach and 17 because you just go to the charity shop and pick your ball gown or slinky cocktail dress throw on a pair of shoes/clogs/boots/heels what ever. Matt dark red lipstick and black liquid eye liner - no smudges anywhere and off you go.

But then I gained weight had two children got a proper job ran out of time in the day.

The charity shops played their part in making looking fabulous difficult, have you seen the prices and everyone shops there and all those lovely ladies that donated their beautifully made clothes are getting a bit thin on the ground now with the passing of time.

Its also not the nineties either, must remember that when reminiscing about the bleached cropped hair.

But I have plans for new glasses so I decided with Autumn not far round the corner (I know!) I might deal with my hair.

It started going grey at exactly 30 and I am lucky that its a slow process and isn't too apparent my mother tells me the ladies in our family grey up the sides like badgers. Not too keen on that idea just yet.

So in the Spring I bought a pot of red orange something hair dye, it is so buried in a drawer in the bathroom I can't remember what the actual colour it is.

I am not sure what style I will be going for but these pics are my fears and inspirations.

Note - None of the photos are my own and I don't have long hair!


Gotta love everything about the Grace

I do love grey hair but I don't have the bone structure for it, too much cake in the face over the years.

I have never really managed the natural look that well. Its more ghastly than gorgeous!

Also T is about to start a new part of her life at big school and I will be making an appearance twice daily at the gate.
It is going to be like a show and I suppose there is a part of me that wants to look like the parent that can hold it together.

Its all a thought and when we get back from camping then I am going to make some decisions.

Thats It!


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