Monday, 15 August 2011

Two Campsites in Two Weekends - Imagine That!

Weekend Before Last - First Trip

We went with our friends camping, we have camped with them before and as our children play well together and we seem to keep the same routine it seems to gel. We also do our own thing as well as share the load and it just works well. So off to Waspbourne Manor Farm in Sussex also known as WoWo.

They have the most amazing rope swings and you can really travel some distance on them and it was the highlight of the weekend for my girls. 

The camp site has this dry river bed that runs through it, it's what it is known for, along with soup served in one of the fields on a Saturday night and a barn with table tennis etc for the children should it rain which it did.
We took shelter under the trees.

Our companions suggested a trip to the Bluebell Railway which is just located over the fields but we took the car and took in a pub lunch, I had a ploughmans with cheese, enough cheese to feed a family for a week. Why would you put that much heart attack on a plate.

The railway is wonderful and I think all my brood want another day out there so might explore activities more to see what journeys are available.
In the the engine shed there was a board at the end with drawings that children had sent in and I thought that these were delightful. The engines themselves were huge, the size of houses you can't believe the size of theses things until you are standing next to them.
The Railway Children just doesn't give you the full feeling of how mammoth these things are and it must be like traveling in a rocket when you are up front.

I adore the colour and character in these pictures

Every year after camping we buy a new bit of kit to improve the situation. This year is was waterproofs for the girls. I still just about consider my Birkenstocks acceptable foot wear in the rain.

Next year we are going to get army style stoves that will use the gas more efficiently because it took ages to boil the water for hot water bottles and tea and I am sure that our contraption is getting slower at delivering the gas.

Despite this amazing picture of P the weather was awful and on the Sunday night it poured so hard you couldn't hear yourself talk.

P loves a wellie boot and refuses not to wear them even if they belong to her big sister
They are a death trap in the stairs.
Who am I to stand in the way of physical development.

I had cramping pain on the weekend that got worse on the Sunday and my lovely friend took me to the out of hours GP which actually turned out to be A&E. I only managed half hour in the building before I could feel myself loosing it with anxiety clearly the stay in the hospital for the ankle and all the usual health fears that I carry didn't help the situation.
Luckily pain started to improve as soon as we entered the department and we returned to the campsite with a low grade temperature, the all clear and some shrugging shoulders from the triage nurse and the uncomfortable lucky feeling that my number wasn't up that day. 
I think that my fear couldn't decide whether is was my appendix, hernia or a cyst with and evil center.

This week has been dealing with shock really. I have never been happier than I have been this past four weeks really am just satisfied with my lot and one bit of abdo pain raised all the anxiety that I used to carry on my shoulders and rocked my little world slightly.

But we are a week and a half on and we camped again the following weekend and I feel fabulous

Well not really but getting there!

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