Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Coming Out of the Weekend

Summer is certainly rolling on and before I know it term will be starting and I won't be ready for Autumn.
Do you have to be ready for anything, nope, but prepared sure makes my life easier and more enjoyable. I am definitely learning to flap less.

Having said that this past two weeks has been filled with health related anxiety with no solid foundation I think that I am coming out of it but I think that I have been in shock realising what pressure my mind and body can put me through.

I have a form of Agoraphobia.
There you go, I said it. I didn't say it first. Someone with a qualification said it along time ago when it had manifested as social anxiety.
Now the problem is the fear of fear or dying prematurely from something that can't be fixed.
It is also morphing into separation anxiety and I am finding it difficult when G goes out for the evening or to town for a meeting.

Having said that I had a great time on my own at the car boot on Sunday.
I bought a couple of geranium plants to pack out a planter at the back door. A big basket for toys and a Christmas deoration

And this stuff!

What is this - what did it store at one time?
If you have an angry make believe call - it dings when you slam the receiver!
T said - Bambi 2 - Without his mother to guide him
£5! Joint Christmas Present - just got to Grimm it up a bit

On Sunday morning I was reading the online news headlines crying.
There was an accident in the South, an air show, a plane lost control and the pilot managed to steer his plane away from houses and bring it down in nearby fields. Sadly Flt Lt Jon Egging died.

People were  out walking. I can't imagine how loud and frightening it must have been to feel a jet crashing to the ground around you then to run toward water and use all your strength to pull a parachute out to try and find and save a life. I am constantly amazed at the bravery of those who help others when all they did was get up in the morning to walk the dog.

P has learn't to say Peek a Boo! To pronounce it as if she is an aristocrat. Its hysterical!
The girls also are in bunk beds and it is safe to say that after 4 nights 3 fevers it has been musical beds but hopefully things are settling

Have a good Tuesday

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