Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sticki Brix

Picked these up in a shop locally, used, but clean and in a nice bag so they can be cleared and stored away nicely at the end of the day.....or not as I am still looking at the butterfly palace T built yesterday afternoon.

I always loved these as a child but I don't think I played with them that often.
I love the shapes and colours.

She has been, ON ONE! as some might say. T cannot stop talking, today or yesterday asking all sorts of questions, asking for me to LOOK Mummy! or insist that anything she requests be done a different way to which she has asked.
Not angry or rude,  just FULL ON.

I think I have had it up to here
As I type this she is practicing her hopping
But does it have to be so loud?
Apparently so

I am yelling a bit as I am so tired
It's like an elephant hopping.

Last night both girls slept in their own bunk beds. For one reason or another they have been sleeping/camping in with us for some time and to be honest I still missed them terribly but I can't keep them in there until they are teenagers.
It all went rather well except for when I decided at my bed time to swap T's choice of bed time toy, a pink furry puppy that screams flammable in appearance with a nice brown bear that I thought she might like to wake up to.


At 04:15 she woke me up with her torch and quietly explained that there was some confusion with her puppy who was missing and a brown bear was in its place and could I come and sort it.

Which of course I did because I felt guilt and now I am knackered and really I should have known better to meddle in the inner workings of her mind.

She went straight back to sleep, but Oh my! 

Oh well. Make dinner and a bit of crochet in front of a movie for tonight I think

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